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martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Easter Eggs hunt!

During the last weeks of March we have been preparing our Easter crafts and, obviously, our favourite part: the easter egg hunt! We have enjoyed preparing crafts and learning about Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and the new season that has just arrived: Spring!
On Friday we had a big adventure. The Easter bunny came to our school and hide some delicious chocolate eggs in our classrooms! We went out, had a walk through the playground and when we came back, we found our classroom full of chocolate eggs! We took our basket and filled it with lots of them! We even made our own paper basket to take the chocolate eggs home! We really enjoyed the experience!

                                             INFANTS 1 , 2 and 3 years old  

                                                          INFANTS 4 YEARS OLD

Infants 5 years
We made a lovely bag to keep our Easter chocolate eggs and a beautiful necklace with a decorated Easter egg. 

Then, we played the Easter Egg Hunt in our classroom. It was really funny!

2nd Primary

On 27th March we celebrated the arrival of Easter looking for small chocolate eggs. They have collected many eggs in few minutes, they were great explorers! We also enjoyed eating them!!