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miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016


Yesterday, 2nd grade studied about "What time is it?" in Chinese. After studying and practicing how to ask and answer the time, we play the game "老狼老狼几点了? (Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what’s the time?)" in the playground. At first, Lou acted as Mr. Wolf. Students are "at home"(stood behind the white line), Lou is outside. The students need to follow her, and ask "老狼老狼几点了? (Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what’s the time?)" She needs to turn back to the students and tell them what time is (e.g.: 三点了。 3 o'clock.) When Mr. Wolf said "十二点了! (12 o'clock!)", the others need to run to home. The students who are caught will become the Mr. Wolf for the next round.