"Docente es alguien que te ayuda a hacer un arco iris con los colores de tu mente".

Blog de Educación Infantil y 1º Ciclo de E.P. del Colegio Arenas Sur.

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014


En las siguientes imágenes podemos ver a los niños disfrutando de un ratito al aire libre en el recreo. Se lo pasan genial y les encanta jugar en pequeños grupos con todos sus compañeros.


                                                           ENGLISH CLASS

While some of the children are working in smalls groups with the teacher Miriam, the rest are learning and playing together in our learning corners (lego, plasticine, geometric shapes…). Some of the corners will change through the year to increase our curiosity and participation. This month, we have created “The Firefighter’s corner”, in which we can be firefighters for a while. We really love it!

Our English lessons are great fun! We always begin our sessions with our “assembly”, a period of time for sharing knowledge, games and songs. The daily helper will be the one to help the teacher in front of our classmates. We talk about the days of the week, the weather, the months… We also revise other important concepts by using songs, games and engaging physical activities. Then, in small groups, we practice what we have learnt with our teachers while the rest of our classmates are working in the learning centres or “corners”. We really enjoy them!

Each week, we will discover a new phoneme in English. This week, your children have discovered the sound /s/, for snake, snail or spiders. They really love animals, so they are eager to learn how to pronounce their names! We work with phonemes in small games, songs and we even created a specific corner for “the letter of the week”. Children love writing and modelling the letters discovered!

                                                   Discovering textures: Soft or Hard?
 Our students have been learning and discovering new textures in our lessons, so we experiment with different artistic materials to discover new sensations. They really enjoyed feeling the differences between soft and hard materials, and even created their own “soft” and “hard” hands to hang on our classroom walls.